INDEX TRAUB-TECHNO technology packages


PC software for CNC programming of additional machining technologies.

+Technology packages I

(options):  Technology packages enable additional technological machining with output of CNC blocks for further processing.

Runs and can be used on a PC independently of INDEX Virtual Machine and TRAUB WinFIexPS

  • 3D-STEP Import technology package (SAP 12033646)
  • DeburringPRO technology package (SAP 12033647)
  • Milling technology package (SAP 12033645)
  • Streamline milling technology package (SAP 12033644)
  • Engraving* technology package (SAP 12033643)
    *IT-TECHNO with “Engraving” technology package is identical to the former WinGravur


3D-STEP-Import (Option)

With the “3D-STEP Import” interactive function, 3D files can be loaded directly in STEP format (.stp/.step) and opened. The loaded object is displayed as a mesh model.

  • Direct transfer of contours from 3D-STEP data to the INDEX TRAUB-TECHNO module
  • Easy and fast alignment of the position of the 3D model to the next rectangular plane
  • Zero point is set by snapping and clicking on a desired existing point
  • Automatically generated contour from contiguous geometrical elements
  • Flexible use of the contours for workpieces, blanks, cutting tool edge shapes, etc.

EntgratenPRO (Option)

Deburring complex contours

  • Interactive function for deburring edges and openings
  • Calculation functions for full radius cutters or chamfer cutters

Engraving (option)

Engraving lettering and logos

  • Graphics-based interactive support on face, cylinder sleeve, or taper sleeve
  • Marking of workpieces with sequential numbers
  • Marking of logos
  • Adjustable font size, position, spacing, etc.
  • Font settings, e.g., italic, mirror font
  • Graphics-based machining preview directly upon input

Milling (Option)

Advanced milling operations

  • Helical contour milling with simultaneous axial and radial infeed
  • Trochoidal milling for optimum removal rate with the full cutting edge

Streamline milling (Option)

Streamline milling
(high-speed milling)

  • Milling of contours, taking into account highly efficient machining strategies
  • Increased tool life and surface quality thanks to constant chip volume
  • Supports machining of Torx profiles (T6-T100) with streamline strategy

Data import + technology processing

Data export + transfer