TNX200 / TNX220
Turn-mill center

  • Spindle clearance  76 mm
  • Chuck diameter 230 mm 
  • 207 Nm max. torque
  • Turning length 900 mm

Turn-mill centers for high productivity and flexibility

Machine highlights TRAUB TNX200 / TRAUB TNX220

Your benefits

  • Identical main and counter spindles with a spindle clearance of Ø 76 mm
  • Chuck up to Ø 230 mm
  • 3 tool carriers for up to 169 tools
  • Powerful motor milling spindle with proven Y/B quill kinematics for complex 5-axis milling operations (TNX220)
  • Sophisticated working area concept for turning lengths up to 900 mm and variable machining options
  • High thermal and mechanical stability
  • High acceleration and fast rapid traverse rates up to 50 m/min
  • Easy setup
  • Engineering excellence “Made in Germany”

TNX200 / TNX220 in Focus

Wild range of parts

INDEX provides optimal solutions for flexible and efficient production. Its engineers have integrated years of experience leveraged from many industries into the product development process. Products and processes are then tailored to specific customer needs through feasibility studies, efficiency analyses, and, above all, close collaboration with the customer.

INDEX products are modular in design and highly flexible, giving customers access to an extensive modular system for a solution that perfectly matches their application. The TRAUB TNX200 and TRAUB TNX220 turn-mill centers offer the best performance for customers from the machinery, automotive, and aerospace industries. Providing an ideal combination of productivity, flexibility and process reliability, the machine is a complete solution for high-performance machining of smaller workpieces.

The modular system TNX200 & TNX220

The modular system in this series offers a wide range of options. Up to 3 tool carriers can be integrated into the work area, and all of them can be equipped with a Y axis. The work area offers ample space to machine any kind of workpiece, accommodating parts up to a length of 900 mm. The powerful main and counter spindles are designed for bar diameters up to 76 mm and for chuck part diameters of up to 230 mm. Turret steady rests are available for machining long or shafttype parts. The INDEX G220 features a powerful motor milling spindle capable of simultaneous 5-axis machining. The ergonomic setup and operating concept played a major role in the new design. All the relevant components are easily accessible for operating and maintenance personnel. Optionally, an integrated workpiece handling system matched to the machining processes can be used for loading and unloading shaft and flange parts. The modular robot cell iXcenter is available for all machines in this series, for flexible feeding and discharging of blanks and finished parts.

Integrated automation solutions

The integrated workpiece handling unit is available as an option. It can be used equally for loading and unloading, as well as for the removal of remnants. The system is designed for parts weighing up to 7.5/2x10 kg with a diameter of up to 90 mm (shaft) or 230 mm (flange). The handling unit is equipped with 2 or 3 CNC axes and single or double grippers, which are operated from the machine control. Further individual automation solutions, such as conveyor belts or robot handling unit with auxiliary functions, can be integrated to customer specifications.