Brilliant opportunities for your training.

Learning in a modern environment, active involvement in the business and assisting in real orders. Apprenticeships at INDEX and TRAUB have always been acclaimed for high practical relevance and intensive support by experienced trainers. As a European market leader, we take quality seriously. 

We take responsibility for our apprentices. Our apprentices are supported individually to develop their potentials and contribute their strengths. At our company, an open, lively atmosphere is the basis for successful cooperation with young people.

Diverse and exciting tasks far away from working in the training workshop or at the office will start in the second year of apprenticeship. The apprentices will assist their colleagues at trade fairs, in customer service, or school projects. Also stays abroad at one of our subsidiaries in China, the United States, Sweden and France are a popular option to gain even deeper insights into the world of turning. All apprentices have the opportunity to take foreign language courses during their training period. 

Exciting opportunities at INDEX and TRAUB will be waiting for you after you have successfully completed your vocational training. 

Technical/industrial training

The technical/industrial area offers exciting prospects and diverse training opportunities. Whether in design engineering, manufacturing, or in technical customer service – start to a successful future.

Industrial mechanic (m/f)

Industrial mechanics are specialists for industrial production systems and have knowledge of common manufacturing processes. They work in the area of production. Today it’s parts production, tomorrow assembly, and day after tomorrow it’s maintenance of mechanical components and systems. These diverse and responsible tasks require absolute concentration and precise working. 

Industrial mechanics work on modern manufacturing and production facilities. They are used in module and production assembly, repair, quality assurance, and technical support.


Continuing education:

Industrial master craftsperson/technician, mechanical engineering technician, business administrator, additional qualification as skilled electrician, Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


Duration of apprenticeship:  3.5 years

Mechatronics technician (m/f)

Mechatronics technicians are mechanics and electronics technicians in one person. They solve tasks in mechanics, electrical/electronical engineering and control and information technology. With a holistic view on machinery and equipment, mechatronics technicians build and install electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical components. They put mechatronic systems into operation, operate equipment, program and maintain systems. 

Mechatronics technicians work in development, installation and commissioning of CNC machines, quality assurance, operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment, or in service.


Continuing education:

Industrial master craftsperson, mechanical engineering technician, business administrator, Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


Duration of apprenticeship:  3.5 years

Electronics technician for industrial engineering

Electronics technicians for industrial engineering work everywhere where electrically powered and controlled systems are in operation. Electronics technicians are familiar with measuring and control engineering as well as installation and communication technology, and drive and lighting engineering. Working with IT systems completes the training. 


Continuing education:

Industrial master craftsperson, electronical engineering technician, business administrator, Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


Duration of apprenticeship:  3.5 years

Technical product designer (m/f)

Specializing in machine and system design

To build a new machine or system, a precise drawing must be made. This starts already with the first line on the computer. Technical product designers refine the ideas and designs of designers and developers. They create assembly instructions, drawing models and computer animations using state-of-the-art CAD systems.


Continuing education:

Industrial master craftsperson, mechanical engineering technician, business administrator, Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


Duration of apprenticeship:  3.5 years

Industrial management assistant (m/f)

Planning, organizing, purchasing, selling, scheduling, assigning, calculating, billing, monitoring, bargaining and communicating - Industrial management assistants ensure a smooth process within the company starting at the first client request ending with the billing.

They constantly stay on top of economical procedures. Modern communication tools enhance industrial management assistants to always work client orientated.

Continuing education:

business economist, business administrator, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Duration of apprenticeship: 3 years

Duales Studium - Schritt für Schritt in eine erfolgreiche Zukunft

Step by step into a successful future

Our dual study programs optimally combine science and practice, providing you with a successful start into your professional life. 

Your studies alternate between theoretical phases at the Stuttgart Cooperative State University and practical phases at the company. Every three months, students can directly apply and implement their newly gained knowledge within the company. 

We count on high quality, intensive individual support and continued mentoring of our students. This great challenge offers dedicated and motivated students financial independence and optimum career opportunities. 


6 semesters / / starting in October


Training locations:

Degree courses

Mechanical engineering (B.Eng.)

As generalists, mechanical engineers overlook the big picture of production. The comprehensive training enables diverse activities in the fields of process optimization, production planning, manufacturing technology and design depending on individual preferences and specializations. The focus is increasingly shifting to environmentally friendly technology and responsible use of available resources. In addition, you qualify for management tasks and leadership positions. 

Two key areas are possible with us:

  • Design and development
  • Production technology

Electrical engineering (B.Eng.)

As an electrical engineer, you bear responsibility for our machines and equipment from day one. And technology is always in the focus. Diverse and varied applications provide insight into the different business processes. 

After learning the foundations in subjects such as mathematics, physics, electrical engineering and electronics, the focus is on specialized studies in automation technology. This enables you to design circuits, to generate and evaluate measured data, but also to participate in technical customer service and quality assurance.

Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.)

With profound technical and business expertise, industrial engineers work at the interface between technology and economy and are thus valuable interdisciplinary employees, typically employed in various business fields – from sales and marketing through logistics and materials management to technical controlling, product and project management. Industrial engineers plan, check and improve operations in terms of technical efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In addition to engineering, mathematics and physics, the undergraduate studies are characterized by business subjects, law and computer science. This can be followed by certain specializations depending on individual preferences.

Business Administration – Industry (B.A.)

The study of business administration with a focus on industry offers a variety of options. Human resources, marketing or finance & accounting are just a few examples of the fields of activity. At the pulse of the economy as a student of industrial business administration, you contribute every day to the success of the company. With in-depth expertise from your undergraduate studies, you can choose among various specialties according to your wishes and abilities from the fourth semester. To remain competitive in the international competition, social and communicative skills such as rhetoric and presentation techniques are of course trained specifically as well. Various foreign language courses such as Business English, French, Spanish, or Chinese complete our comprehensive offer.


Bei Ihnen steht nun bald die Berufswahl an und Sie wissen nicht genaus was Sie tun sollen ?

Mit einem Schülerpraktikum können Sie während Ihrer Schulzeit ganz unverbindlich bei uns Einblicke erhalten und feststellen, welcher Beruf am besten zu Ihnen passen könnte. 

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